Shitake Mushroom Extract, Lentinan Polysaccharide

Shitake Mushroom Extract, Lentinan Polysaccharide
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Shitake is one of the best known medicinal mushrooms. In Chinese herbalism, it is reported to boost "Qi" within the body - the essential energy that flows through the meridians in the body (in Acupuncture they use the needles to adjust the flow of Qi energy through the meridians). Shitake mushroom powder are also used to tonify the liver and support overall immune health. Modern research suggests that extracts of Shitake mushrooms powder may also help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range.


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30%-80% Polysaccharides

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1. Boost the immune system;

2. Against atherosclerosis, cancer, bacterial and viral infections;
3. Reduce serum cholesterol;
4. Shrink tumors;
5. Protect liver function;
6. Used as the raw materials of health-care products, food and condiments.


1. The role of lentinan have immunomodulatory and antitumor: Lentinan on regulating immune function of T cells can promote and stimulate antibody formation and activation of macrophages, the ability to reduce methylcholanthrene-induced tumors, so the cancer cells strongly inhibited. Lentinan is known in the outer periphery of immunological therapies (Scheme efferent) and the clinical application of anti-tumor in humans, lentinan can increase DNA monocyte immune protein synthesis and peripheral production.

2. Liver detoxification lentinan: lentinan can significantly reduce CC l4, ALT thioacetamide and prednisolone-induced rise, and antagonistic CCl4 liver glycogen content reduce damage, with liver detoxification .

3. Mushrooms also contain double-stranded RNA, can induce interferon, with anti-virus capabilities. Shiitake extract has anti-platelet aggregation.