Immature Bitter Orange Peel Extract,Synephrine

Immature Bitter Orange Peel Extract,Synephrine
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Immature Bitter Orange Peel Extract,Synephrine



Immature bitter orange extract--synephrine (or oxedrine) is a drug commonly used for weight loss.It can effectively prevent excess energy (heat accumulation), warm the stomach stimulates the appetite and speeds up metabolismIt.It is widely used in medicine, food, beverage and other health care industry.


Product name: Immature bitter orange extract

Extracted part : Fruit

Specifications :Synephrine 99%

Appearance: white powder



Main functions

1. Anti-oxidant, Reduce environmental pollution damage to the body;

2. Consolidate connective tissue; strengthen skin, bones, teeth and muscles;

3. Promote collagen synthesis, help wound healing;

4. Involved in cholesterol metabolism and help break down fat;

5. Accelerate iron and calcium absorption, prevent scurvy.

Main applications

1.It is used as a dietary supplement designed to support calorie burning (thermogenesis)and resulting weight loss.

2.It is used in pharmaceutical field.Synephrine helps to clean the blood and has been reported to dissolve kidney stones.

3.It also is a stimulant, similar to caffeine and ephedrine.

4.It is thought to have similar effects in terms of providing an energy boost, suppressing appetite and increasing metabolic rate and caloric expenditure.


Delivery : Shipped within 3 days after receiving payment .

Storage: Store in a cool,dry place and keep away from direct strong light for 24 months.

Package: 25kg/drum (25.0kg net weight, 28.0kg gross weight, packed in a drum outside; double-layer PE inside)

1kg/bag (1.0kg net weight, 1.2kg gross weight, packed in an aluminum foil bag outside; double-layer PE inside).