Shikimic Acid

Shikimic Acid
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Shikimic Acid



Star Anise Extract Shikimic acid is a white crystal compound of nonnitrogenous acid found in various plants.It is a precursor of many alkaloids, aromatic amino acids, and indole derivatives. Shikimic acid is widely used as a chiral building block for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals.


Product name: shikimic acid

Extracted part : fruit

Specifications :98%

Appearance: White fine powder
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Main functions

1.Effected by arachidonic acid.

2.It can act as anti-inflammatory ,analgesic.

3.It is the drug intermediates of anti-cancer and anti-virus.

4.It is also the basis raw materials of combating avian flu.

5.Shikimic Acid can inhibit the concentrating of the blood platelets,inhibit arterial,venous thrombosis and cerebral thrombosis.

Main applications

1. With multiple pharmacological effect, Shikimic Acid aslo be used as health-care medicine;

2. Applied in cosmetic field, as raw materials of skin care products appeared on the market.

Other info

Delivery : Shipped within 3 days after receiving payment .

Storage: Store in a cool,dry place and keep away from direct strong light for 24 months.
Package: 25kg/drum (25.0kg net weight, 28.0kg gross weight, packed in a drum outside; double-layer PEinside)

1kg/bag (1.0kg net weight, 1.2kg gross weight, packed in an aluminum foil bag outside; double-layer PE inside).