Cordyceps Sinensis Extract, Polysaccharides 30%

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract, Polysaccharides 30%
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Cordyceps Sinensis Extract, Polysaccharides 30%



Wild cordyceps sinensis is also called the "caterpillar fungus." In the wild it grows on and acquires nutrients from several species of caterpillars. In China, it is referred to as "winter worm, summer grass." This fungus is found at high altitude in the mountains  of China, Nepal, and Tibet.In traditional Chinese medicine,cordyceps sinensis is considered to benefit the lung and kidney channels. It is commonly used by the elder in China as a type of "super- ginseng" for rejuvenation and stamina.Because it is difficult to collect enough cordycepin from the wild,commercial cultivation methods have been developed by using "submerged culture," where the mycelium is grown in a liquid medium. All scientific research published in the last twenty years is based on hot water extracts of the Cordyceps mycelium cultivated in this manner.


Product name: Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

Extracted part : Fruit body

Specifications : 10% - 60% Polysaccharides

Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder

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1. With the function of antitumor and antiviral;

2. Improve immunity and inhibiting cell division;

3. Used to reduce blood cholesterol,triglycerides and artery atherosclerosis;

4. Improve renal function, it can reduce the damage that toxic substances caused to the kidney.


1.Applied in cosmetic field,cordycepin is used to reduce chloasma, age pigment and whelk;

2.Applied in food field,cordycepin is used as food additives added into many kinds of product;

3.Applied in pharmaceutical fielaad,cordycepin used as the basic drugs to treat cerebrovascular disease.

Delivery : Shipped within 3 days after receiving payment .

Storage: Store in a cool,dry place and keep away from direct strong light for 24 months.

Package: 25kg/drum (25.0kg net weight, 28.0kg gross weight, packed in a drum outside; double-layer PEinside)

1kg/bag (1.0kg net weight, 1.2kg gross weight, packed in an aluminum foil bag outside; double-layer PE inside).