L-5-hydroxytryptophan (5-htp)

L-5-hydroxytryptophan (5-htp)

Extracted part : Griffonia Seed
Specifications :98%
Appearance: White fine powder
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5-HTP is a natural herbal prescription ingredients from Griffonia simplicifolia, extracted from the seeds of a West African drug plants,5-HTP is an effective antidepressants, and it do not contain some undesirable side effects.Odorless and taste slightly salty. 5-HTP soluble in hot alcohol, dilute alkali solution and dilute hydrochloric acid, slightly soluble in water, insoluble in chloroform, soluble in hot water.


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1.It can ease the tension, anxiety and improve sleep;
2.It has the function of improving microcirculation;
3.It is shown benefit to the reduce depression,anxiety;
4.It can effectively control appétit, achieve the effect of losing weight;
5.It has the function of antidepressant and sedative, having an effect on the nervous system..

1.It can be used as raw materials of drugs for anti-bacterial, anti-depressants, anti-tumor and sedation,
it is widely used in fields of pharmaceutical and health products;
2.It can be used as insomnia,other similar symptoms of psychasthenia and lose weight product raw material,
it is widely used in health products industry;
3.It can be used as dietary supplements increased therapeutic function, it is wide used in field of dietary
supplement products;
4.It can be used as products of sedative and anti-bacterial, they are widely used to add to beauty product in cosmetic industry.



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