Wild Pine Pollen Powder

Wild Pine Pollen Powder
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Wild Pine Pollen Powder


Pine pollen powder is a high functional health food, it can be fully human individual conditioning system is extremely beneficial to human health. Pine pollen contains a comprehensive and balanced nutrition , can enhance physical strength, energy , fatigue fully restored.

Pine pollen powder contains large amounts of antioxidants , such as vitamin E, carotene and selenium , etc., which can inhibit lipid peroxidation and protein rate , which has anti-aging effect . [Characters] dried yellow pine pollen is a fine powder, the observation Loupe, was uniformly small pellets. Physical ethereal, easy flying, hands feeling smooth twist has not sink in water. Micro gas smell, taste greasy feeling. In yellow, delicate, no impurities, strong liquidity better.

Pine Pollen Powder

Part of Use 
Specification 200 Mesh-1000 Mesh
AppearanceLight Yellow Fine Powder
Test MethodUV


1. Improve immunity.

2. Eliminate fatigue, improve sexual function.

3. Protect the heart, prevent vascular system diseases.

4. Prevent diabetes prevention prostatosis.

5. Improve digestion, increase appetite, overcome constipation.

6. Relieve menopause symptoms.

7. Improve memory.

8. Promote children's healthy growth.

9. Beauty and skin care, anti-aging.


1. Applied in pharmaceutical field.

2. Applied in functional food field.

3. Applied in food additive.

4. Applied in cosmetics field.