White Kidney Bean Extract Powder

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White kidney bean extract powder is beneficial for lowering triglycerides, degenerative arthritis, coronary artery disease and obesity because of the ability it has to inhibit the body's digestion of complex carbohydrates. White kidney bean extract has the ability to block starches, so in effect it blocks the alphaamylase enzyme, which plays an important role in digestion. Alpha-amylase is required for the metabolism of starchy carbohydrates, which are found in foods like potatoes, rice and pasta.

White Kidney Bean Extract

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Part of Used
Specification10:1, Phaseolin1%, 2%
Test MethodHPLC

Function :

1. White kidney bean extract powder can help to treat fat, the white kidney bean protein contained in the white kidney bean is a nature amylase inhibtor. it is indeed a gospel for the diabetes sicker.

2. The white kidney bean P.E is of much nutrition, it is help for strength the function of the kidney and spleen.

3. The white kidney P.E. also can promote physical development and improve memory ability.

4. It can delay aging and prevent kinds of old disease. clinically, the white kidney bean P.E. is also used to cure kinds of disease caused by malnutrition.


1. Applied in pharmaceutical field.

2. Applied in health care prduct field.

3. Applied in weight loss product .



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