Wheat Grass Extract Powder

Wheat Grass Extract Powder
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Wheat Grass Extract Powder


Wheat grass powder contains plenty of chlorophyll, antioxygenic leaven and other kinds of nutrient componment, and confirmed nowadays by physic field for helps support the immune sysytem, protecting liver and boosting up cell's energy, thus possess an important status in the field of health food. According to investigation, the most valuable component in our products except for abundant nutriments is the antioxygenic leaven, in which the Pre-SOD and SOD-like leavens aregiven close attention by physiologist and biochemist.

Wheat Grass Powder

Part of UseLeaf
Specification80-200 Mesh
AppearanceGreen Powder
Test Method


1. To lower blood sugar, fat, and onset risks of cardiovascular diseases.

2. To improve stomach, sleeping and strengthen physical ability.

3. To be anti-fatigue.

4. To remove pigmentation, improve skin and allergic symptoms.

5. To accelerate the recovery after operation, injury, and infection and others.


1. Nutritional supplements.

2. Health food products.

3. Beverages.

4. Pharmaceutical products.

5. Skin Care Materials.