Turkey Tail Extract Powder

Turkey Tail Extract Powder
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Turkey Tail Extract known as Coriolus versicolor Powder, coriolus versicolor extract , coriolus versicolor polysaccharide. It is a kind of Basidiomycetes. Regular consumption is beneficial to promote the vigour and strengthen the physique. It is the top grade tonic for prolonging the life and possesses the activity of promoting the immune function of human.

Turkey Tail Extract

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10%-50% polysaccharides

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1. Coriolus versicolor polysaccharides were used in practice to support immune health after surgical treatment for various conditions. 

2. To support and protect immune health in those patients receiving therapies where immune suppression is a prominent feature. dispel dampness, reduce phlegm, treat pulmonary infections the modern clinical use and research has witnessed the immunity-modulating and anti-tumor.


1. Applied in food field, because of its high uptake values, more and more people start to eat it.

2. Applied in health product field, to be made into tablets, granules and injection, which is able to improve immunity.

3. Applied in pharmaceutical field, treating and persisting chronic bronchitis.


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