Natural Blue Spirulina Powder

Natural Blue Spirulina Powder
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Natural Blue Spirulina Powder is extracted from spirulina, which is the most nutrient-rich and comprehensive organism in nature. It is rich in high-quality protein, gamma-linolenic acid fatty acids, carotenoids, vitamins, and a variety of trace elements. Spirulina has the functions of lowering blood lipids, anti-oxidation, anti-infection, anti-cancer, anti-radiation, anti-aging, and enhancing the body's immunity, and is widely used in various fields.

In addition, it is a colour food ingredient permitted by the European Union, and it is the only edible natural blue pigment approved by.


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E18, E25, E40

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1. Spirulina can treat anemia.

2. Spirulina can anti-radiation.

3. Spirulina can lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar and strengthen the immune system.

4. Spirulina can anti-oxidant, anti-aging and anti-fatigue.

5. Spirulina can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing inflammation in the body.


1. Natural Blue Spirulina Powder can be applied in food field.

2. Applied in health care field, it can be used as dietary supplement.

3. Applied in cosmetic field, it can nourish and regulate the skin.

4. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it can be used as tinctures, tablets, capsules.



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