Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

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Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil


The flavonoids of seabuckthorn are mainly extracted from fruit pulp and leaves. Total flavone concentration adds up to more 20%. It was proved by a great deal of experiments that seabuckthorn flavone has the effects to reduce blood fatty, increase shrinkage and diastole, resist cardiac muscle lacking of blood as well as arrhythmia. Therefore, seabuckthorn flavone is ideal in the aspects of medicine and health-care food.


Part of Used Seed, Fruit
AppearanceLight Yellow to Brown Red Liquid
Test MethodHPLC

Function :

1. Sea buckthorn seed oil can preventing cardiovascular, respiratory, gastropathy, enteropathy and cerebrovascular diseases.

2. Metabolism and immune system, Anti-inflammation and muscle nourishment.

3. Preventing liver, Promoting intelligence, Anti-cancer.


1. Sea buckthorn seed oil can usd as nutrition health products.

2. It can usd as Functional foods.

3. It is assistant therapeutic agent of radiotherapy and chemical treatment.

4. It can be used in Baby foods, middle and old age foods, cosmetics , pharmaceutical.