Papain Enzyme Powder

Papain Enzyme Powder
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Papain enzyme powder is a pure natural biological enzyme extracted from papaya. It has strong hydrolysis ability on animal and plant proteins, polypeptides, esters, amides, etc., and can also synthesize protein hydrolysates into protein-like products, which can be used to improve the nutritional value or function of plant and animal proteins.


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1. It is beneficial to body's digestion and absorption of food, and protects the stomach and liver.

2. It contains a lot of protein, vitamins, etc., which can effectively strengthen human nutrients and enhance physical fitness.

3. It can inhibit the growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and parasites, has a strong antibacterial effect, and can resist epidemics and kill parasites.

4. It can good for skin protection.


1.Applied in healthcare field.

2.Applied in food field, it can be used to make food additives.

3.Applied in Pharmaceutical field, such as customizing capsule or tablets.

4.Applied in cosmetic field , it can be made into slimming tea and beauty skin care products.


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