Oat Beta Glucan Extract Powder

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Oat Beta Glucan Extract Powder


Oat Beta Glucan Extract Powder :Beta -(1→ 3,1 →4) of glucan in oats Is referred to as Oat Beta-Glucan, is a non-starch polysaccharide found in the endosperm and aleurone cell walls of oat.Oat Beta glucan has the effect of reducing blood lipid and serum cholesterol, and has important effects on prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes. In addition, it also has certain cosmetic effects.

Oat Beta Glucan Extract

Part of Use
AppearanceWhite To Off-White Powder
Test MethodHPLC


1. Oat Beta Glucan Extract Powder is beneficial to high cardiovascular disease risk populations.

2. Oat β-glucan's anti-wrinkle promise.

3. It lowers the risk of coronary heart disease by significantly lowering LDL cholesterol by an average of 8%.

4. Immunomodulator actives white body cells.


1. Applied in the Pharmaceutical field.

2. Applied in the Functional food field.

3. Applied in the Health products field.

4. Applied in the Cosmetic field.