L-Theanine Extract Powder

Appearance: White Powder
Specification: 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 99%
Shelf life: 2 Yearsv Certificate: FDA/ISO/Kosher/Halal Stock: In Stock
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SOST provide best L-Theanine Extract Powder. Theanine (L-Theanine) is a unique free amino acid in tea, and theanine is glutamic acid γ-ethylamide. Theanine content varies with the variety and location of tea. Theanine accounts for 1% to 2% of the dry tea. Theanine is a white needle, soluble in water. With sweet and refreshing taste, is the taste of tea components.

L-Theanine Extract

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10:1, 20:1


10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 99%

Active Ingredient


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Place of Origin

Shaanxi, China

Test Method


Heavy Metal

≤ 10.0 mg/kg


≤ 2.0 mg/kg


≤ 1.0 mg/kg

Total Bacteria

≤1000 cfu/g


1. L-Theanine Extract Powder can promotes the release of dopamine in the brain center, and improves the physiological activity of dopamine in the brain, thus improving the function of human brain.

2. It also has the function of lowering blood pressure.

3. It can improve the metabolism of human body.

4. It has a calming effect and regulates anxiety.

5. In addition, theanine can inhibit the death of nerve cells caused by transient cerebral ischemia and play a protective role on nerve cells.

6. Studies have shown that L-Theanine Extract Powder can enhance the efficacy of anticancer drugs.


1. Applied in cosmetic field, l theanine owns the effect of anti-wrinkle and anti-aging.

2. Applied in food field, l theanine is used as natural antioxidant, antistaling agent, and anti-fading agents.

3. Applied in pharmaceutical field, l theanine powder is used to prevent and cure cardiovascular disease, diabetes.



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