Fresh Royal Jelly Powder

Fresh Royal Jelly Powder

Appearance:Milk White Powder
Specification:10-HDA 5%, 6%
Shelf Life:24 Months
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Royal jelly, also known as Bee Milk, is a slurry secreted by worker bee tongue glands and mandibular glands. Newborn bee larvae will develop into queen bees as long as they consume royal jelly, otherwise they will develop into worker bees. In addition to water, royal jelly contains more protein, fatty acids, rich B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, selenium and other minerals.

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10-HDA 5%, 6%

Active Ingredient

Protein, Vitamin, Aminoacid


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1. Royal jelly can improve immunity.

2. Royal jelly has a good preventive effect on cancer.

3. Royal jelly helps restore vitality of skin and muscle tissue functions, and has a significant effect on the treatment of burns.

4. Royal jelly is a precious beauty product, it can make the skin ruddy, shiny and beautiful.

5. Royal jelly contains a lot of nutrients, which can improve malnutrition, treat loss of appetite, indigestion, and replenish brain power.

6. Royal jelly can regulate various nervous system functions, has a significant effect on neurasthenia.

7. Royal jelly can improve appetite and sleep quality, make people energetic, and improve physical fitness.



1. Used in healthcare field.

2. Used in cosmetic field as an additive for cosmetics,skin care products. 

3. Used in food field ,can be used to make beverages, etc.


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