Cytisine Powder

Appearance:White Powder
CAS NO.:485-35-8
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Cytisine Powder, also known as baptitoxine powder and sophorine powder, is an alkaloid that occurs naturally in several plant genera, Laburnum and Cytisus of the family Fabaceae.

Cytisine is a heterotricyclic compound that is the toxic principle in Laburnum seeds and is found in many members of the Fabaceae (legume, pea or bean) family. An acetylcholine agonist, it is widely used throughout Eastern Europe as an aid to giving up smoking. It has a role as a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonist, a phytotoxin and a plant metabolite. It is an alkaloid, heterotricyclic compound, a secondary amino compound, a lactam and a bridged compound.

Cytisine Powder

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1. Cytisine Powder can reducing and eliminating the smokers dependence on nicotine to achieve the purpose of smoking cessation.

2. With a respiratory stimulant and booster effects on the cerebral circulation.

3. Anti-arrhythmia, anti-microbial, anti- infection, anti-ulcer, elevated white blood cell.

4. With significant regulating activity on plant growth.


1. As raw material of health products for smoking cessation medicine and cough medicine, it is widely used in health industry.

2. As emergency medicine for treating respiratory failure, it is widely used in pharmaceutical field.


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