Bromelain Enzyme Powder

Part of Use:Fruit
Appearance:Light Yellow Powder
CAS NO.:9001-00-7 Certificate:FDA/ISO/Kosher/Halal
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Bromelain enzyme powder is also known as Bromelain Powder. Sulfhydryl protease extracted from pineapple juice and peel. Molecular weight 33,000. The optimum pH for casein, hemoglobin, and BAEE is 6 ~ 8 and 5.0 for gelatin. It preferently hydrolyzes the peptide chains on the carboxyl side of basic amino acids (e.g. Arginine) or aromatic amino acids (e.g. Phenylalanine, tyrosine), selectively hydrolyzes fibrin, breaks down muscle fibers, and has a weak effect on fibrinogen. It can be used to clarify beer, aid digestion and fight inflammation.

Bromelain Powder

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1. Have the function of being used as protease, purly natural and toxin-free.

2. Have the function of improving the immunity of the human body and thus in widely used in the line of heath products, medical application  and food industry etc.

3. Have the function of improving the immunity, diminishing inflammation, alleviating pain and stimulating digestion as well as helps with cardiovascular and circulatory improvement.

4. Have the function of being hydrolyzed into micro-molecule peptide or amino acid by bromelain, thus, theromelain can be made into tenderizer for meat, softener for biscuits and heal the food.

5. Have the function of cleaning and nursing your skin, promoting the blood circulation, tendering and whitening the skin and improving the skin's functioning.


1. Applied in pharmacy filed: 

Treatment of inflammation and edema, Inhibit tumor cell growth ,and to be used for burns.

2. Applied in food industry filed:

Biscuits pine agent, stabilizer noodles, beer & beverage clarifying agent, advanced oral liquid, health food, soy sauce and alcoholic fermentation agent etc.

3. Applied in health care products:

Prevent cardiovascular disease, To stimulate immune, Anti-inflammatory.

4. Cosmetic industry:

Aqua-supplement and tender Whiten skin, removing beverage.201911081720559753756201911070959396888135

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