Barley Grass Extract Powder

Barley Grass Extract Powder

Part of Use:Leaf
Appearance:Green Powder
Specification:80-200 Mesh
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SOST factory supply barley grass extract powder, which is extracted from fresh braley grass. our regular specification is from 80 mesh to 200 mesh. However, we can accept customized specification and service as your request.

Nowadays, Barley grass extract powder has served as a food staple in most cultures. because It can strengthen the immunity of normal cells. Barley grass powder is rich in antioxidant enzymes, which have protective effects on acute liver injury or chronic liver disease. And barley grass powder can balance the body's pH value (pH), making weight loss smoother and easier.

Barley Grass Extract

Quick Details:

Part of Use



80-200 Mesh

Test Method



1. It may act as an immune-system stimulant.

2. It may help in blood purification and may boost blood circulation.

3. It is considered to be an anti-oxidant.

4. It may act as an energy Booster.

5. It may aid in skin & hair nourishment.

6. It can support healthy urinary tract.

7. It may help maintain healthy weight.

8. It is considered to be nourishing.


1. Appied in pharmaceutical field (for curing diabetes mellitus).

2. Appied in health food and food additive field (Such as Brewing beer and whiskey).



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