Arnica Montana Extract Powder

Part of Used:Flowder
Appearance:Brown Powder
Shelf Life:2 Years
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SOST provide arnica montana extract powder, Arnica montana also known as bird head, rich in carotenoids, healthful tissue growth, stimulate blood circulation and enhances blood pressure, in particular the role of coronary blood pressure.The plant is used to treat arthritis, outside a burning sensation when injured, ulceration, eczema and acne.Antimicrobial and antinflammatory properties, which can reduce pain and swelling to speed up the wound healing.Arnica is the active ingredient in 1.5 placard dienelactone, also reduces pain and inflammation.

Arnica Extract

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Function & Application:

Applied in health care product and food field.

1. Arnica montana extract powder is used in the formulation of a variety of product types, including skin care products, skin fresheners, shampoos, conditioners and hair care products.

2. It is used to treat congestion, sprains, muscle pain, rheumatism and stimulate the immune system.

3. It also has the function of boosting the blood move, anti-inflammation, pelagism and has effects on epilepsy, trauma.



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