Anti Aging Pine Bark Extract Powder

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Anti Aging Pine Bark Extract Powder


Anti Aging Pine Bark Extract Powder (Pine bark extract) is made from the bark of the maritime pine tree (Pinus pinaster), which contains naturally occurring chemicals called proanthocyanidins. Early studies have shown possible benefits in reducing swelling from a circulation disorder called chronic venous insufficiency. Other early studies have suggested it may help lower blood sugar in some diabetic patients. Laboratory studies have indicated pine bark extract may have some antioxidant properties.

Anti Aging Pine Bark Extract

Part of Use
Specification90%-98% OPC
AppearanceDeep Brown-Red Powder
Test MethodHPLC


1. It will enhance bone density and strength.

2. It are used to accelerate healing of injured skin.

3. It is active against HIV by inhibiting virus expression and replication.

4. It can interfere with malibnant cells growth and proliferation, as well as induce apoptosis.

5. It is with the function of inhibiting oral sugar metabolism and retard growth of certain bacteria.

6. It is useful for treating heart diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

7. Extending the lifetime of vitamin C in the body, prolonging its beneficial effects as an antioxidant.

8. Preventing and treating a condition known as chronic venous insufficiency.

9. Being effective for slowing retinopathy.

10. Relieving abdominal pain for women with endometriosis.

11. Improving concentration and reducing restless behavior for the children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

12. Anti Aging Pine Bark Extract Powder can fighting aging and restoring wrinkled skin.


1. As food additive and raw material of health products, it widely used in the field of food and health products.

2. Taking great effect to the treatment of vascular diseases, procyanidins are widely used in cardiovascular medicine.

3. As effectiveness factor, it can be added into cosmetics in the field of cosmetics.