Aescin Extract

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Aescin Extract


Aescin extract is a three-terpene compounds, which including Aescin A, B, C, D. and Aescin A and Aescin B are known as escin beta-escin, while Aescin C and Aescin D are called alpha-escin. Alpha-escin and beta-escin are two isomers of Aescin. Although two melting point, optical rotation, hemolytic index and water solubility of two Aescin are not the same, they are not much different effect. Aescinate applied to play an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation role and keep moisturizing. In terms of relative sodium aescinate, aescin has a great significant treatment effect on the human body and few side effects. It can replace sodium aescinate in cosmetics and medicines.

Aescin Extract Powder

Part of Used
Specification 20% , 40% Aescin
AppearanceBrown Yellow Powder
Test MethodHPLC


1. Aescin extract has demonstrated a variety of beneficial effects including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiedema, venotonic

2. Published studies show alleviation of subjective symptoms of venous insufficiency such as pain, tiredness, tension or heaviness in the legs

3. Aescin sodium harbors anti-inflammatory properties which act as anti oxidants and help to protect your body from the harmful effects that free radicals can have by breaking down your body's cell walls

4. It has function of anti inflammatory properties, it has been used to treat hemorrhoids

5. Coming from the horse chestnut herb, the horse chestnut seed extract Aescin Sodium has shown a wide variety of applications as a supplement.


1. Lowering blood pressure and blood-fat, deducing cholesterol and anti-atherosclerosis.

2. Enhancing human immunity and anti-aging.

3. Boosting male virility.

4. Strengthening myocardial contractive power, slowing heart rate and dilating coronary arteries.