What Is The Function Of Ginsenoside?

- Nov 21, 2019-

What Is The Function Of Ginsenoside?

What Is The Ginsenoside?

Ginsenoside is an active ingredient of ginseng, It is a sterol compound. There are different levels in different variety of ginseng.


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What Is The Function Of Ginsenoside?

Ginsenoside is mainly used for cardiovascular diseases, neurasthenia, menopausal syndrome, excessive fatigue, postpartum recovery, postoperative weakness and other symptoms, is widely used in pharmaceutical and health care field. In addition, ginsenosides can antioxidant and increase enhanced cell surface vigor to whitening, It is also widely used in cosmetic field.  useing ginseng or giseng extract product for long term can enhance immunity, prevent cancer, cancer, and regulate body function.

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