How much do you know about plant extracts?

How much do you know about plant extracts?

Plant extracts (Plant Extract) refers to the plant (including fruit tissue, etc.) as raw materials, through physical and chemical extraction and separation process, and concentration in plant directed to obtain one or more effective components, without changing its effective component structure formed products.

plant extracts

It can be used as raw materials, widely used in food, beverage, medicine, health care products, cosmetics and other downstream industries. There are many kinds of plant extracts. At present, more than 300 kinds of plant extracts have been industrialized. Has a variety of classification methods,  the content of effective components can be divided into effective monomer extract, extract and extract three kinds of standard ratio; according to the component as glycosides, acid, polyphenol, polysaccharide, flavonoids, terpenoids, alkaloids etc.; in accordance with the form of products can be divided into vegetable oil, extract, powder, lens etc.. Plant extract also can be divided into natural pigment products, extracts of traditional Chinese medicine products, extracts, products and concentrated products.

plant extractsplant extracts

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