Succinic Acid For Food Additive

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Succinic acid for food additive (including salts) can produce sour, taste, can be used for soy sauce, soy sauce, Japanese sake, seasonings and so on. Sodium succinate has a special whitening powder of shellfish, used in the food industry for flavoring, sour agents, buffers, for ham, sausage, aquatic products, seasoning and so on. Succinic acid can be used as preservatives, pH adjusters cosolvents. Can also be used to synthesize antidote, diuretics, sedatives, hemostatic, synthetic antibiotics and vitamin A, vitamin B and so on. As an ion chelating agent, succinic acid is used to prevent dissolution and pitting of metals in the electroplating industry. Succinic acid is a good surfactant, a component of detergents, soaps and demulsifiers, succinic acid Production of depilatory agents, toothpaste, cleaning agents, efficient wrinkle beauty ester. Succinic acid is also used in lubricants, additives, elastomers. Textile processing can be shredded anti-shrinkage, improve the dyeing. Improved caprolactam viscosity and fire resistance.

Succinic Acid

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1. It can be used for seasoning and anti-corrosion function

2. It has anti-tumor effect and can also be used to synthesize antidotes, diuretics, sedatives, hemostatic drugs, synthetic antibiotics and vitamins A and B.

3. Inhibit passive and active skin allergies.

4. Succinic acid is a good surfactant and a component of detergent, soap and demulsifier.Succinic acid can produce depilation agent, toothpaste, cleaning agent, highly effective wrinkle beauty ester.


1. Applied in pharmaceutical field.

2. Applied in health care products field.

3. Applied in food field. 


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