Sea buckthorn fruit juice powder

Sea buckthorn fruit juice powder
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Seabuckthorn is a deciduous shrub of the family Elaeagnus and the genus Seabuckthorn. Its characteristics are drought-tolerant, wind-resistant and sand-resistant, and can survive on saline-alkaline soil. Sea buckthorn fruit juice powder has high vitamin C content and is known as the king of vitamin C.


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Pharmacological effects

And sea buckthorn oil has a high medicinal value, can reduce cholesterol, cure angina and other effects, as well as the role of coronary atherosclerotic heart disease prevention; expectorant, cough, asthma and chronic bronchitis treatment effect ; to treat gastric and duodenal ulcers and indigestion, chronic superficial gastritis, atrophic gastritis, colitis and other diseases a significant effect; burn, burn, burn knife, frostbite have a good therapeutic effect; for women with cervical erosion has a good therapeutic effect.
Therapeutic value
Sea buckthorn fruit nutritious, according to the determination of its fruit contains a variety of amino acids required for a variety of vitamins, fatty acids, trace elements, sub-prime oil, sea buckthorn flavonoids, superoxide and other active substances and the human body. Wherein the high vitamin C content per 100 grams of fruit juice, vitamin C content can reach 825-1100 mg, kiwifruit is 2-3 times the vitamin C is known as the king of the name. Sugar 7.5% -10%, acid 3% -5%.

Seabuckthorn containing 15.75% crude protein, crude fat 9.48%, 14.04% crude fiber, nitrogen free extract 54.84%, can be made with sea buckthorn leaves health tea.
Seabuckthorn oil contains 206 kinds of active substances beneficial to humans, including 46 kinds of bioactive substances, it contains a lot of vitamin E, vitamin A, flavonoids, with anti-fatigue and enhance the body's anti-cancer activity and other special pharmacological properties, protect and accelerate the repair of gastric mucosa, intestinal bifidobacteria increased potency, have lower plasma cholesterol reduction, to reduce the role of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall, can prevent hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis, and promote wound healing.
Beauty Value
Seabuckthorn play a major role in the beauty of the sea buckthorn oil, which contains a lot of vitamin E, vitamin A, flavonoids and SOD active ingredients can effectively prevent free radicals in order to achieve anti-aging effect, it is sea buckthorn cosmetics industry is an important, high-level cosmetic raw materials, advanced technology extracted sea buckthorn oil cosmetic grade purity, activity is very high.
High temperature extracts - fruit element, has become a major component of acne essence, plant extracts as compared to ordinary extraction technology, has a richer nutritional skin care ingredients, which contains vitamins, fatty acids, trace elements, VE and other nutrients, and high temperature extraction of sea buckthorn fruit element in SOD content up to 5623.0 per milliliter of enzyme units, and its content is six times as much as ginseng, because it can block the substance within the skin produced by peroxide radicals, skin tissue premature aging, repair damaged tissue, promote tissue regeneration and epithelial tissue healing.
Fruit of having directional infiltration, effective acne he extracted from sea buckthorn moisturizing factor, in addition to India, rapidly absorbed by the skin surface, directed against Propionibacterium acnes and inhibit infection, flood, repair damaged skin, restore skin to normal updates and circulatory system.