Freeze Dried Pomegranate juice powder

Freeze Dried Pomegranate juice powder


Extracted part : Fruit
Specifications :spray-drying or freezed-dried
Appearance: pink powder

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Pomegranate is a deciduous shrub or small tree, 2-7 meters high; the young branches are often square and prismatic, and the tops of the branches are mostly spiny. The outer testa is fleshy, bright red, reddish or white, juicy, sweet and sour, which is the edible part; the inner testa is horny, and some degenerated and softened, namely soft-seed pomegranate. The whole pomegranate plant can be used as medicine with warm nature; the fruit is edible, tastes sour and astringent; the peel, root, and anther are used medicinally for astringent, antidiarrheal, and other purposes.


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spray-drying or freezed-dried

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Pomegranate fruit such as dolphin red gems, sweet and sour and juicy fruit, high nutritional value, rich abundance of fruit sugar, high protein, easy to absorb fat, the body can replenish energy and heat, but do not increase the body burden. Fruit contains vitamin C and B vitamins, organic acids, sugars, protein, fat and calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals, trace elements and nutrients can supplement the body missing. Also rich in a rich variety of acids, including organic acids, folic acid, on human health effects. Pomegranate not only nutrient-rich fruits, leaves and fruit and nuclear are very valuable.
Pomegranate contains many nutrients: carbohydrates 17%, water 79%, sugar 13-17%, wherein the content of vitamin C 1-2 times higher than apples, and less fat content, protein, fruit with fresh goods based.


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