Natural Almond Flour

Natural Almond Flour
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Almond flour is extracted from bitter almonds. Almond flour is rich in important nutrients such as cellulose, phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamin B17 and unsaturated fatty acids. Almonds can not only make the skin white and tender, but also relieve cough and reduce phlegm,which has good medicinal value.


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1. Almonds can promote gastrointestinal motility, help digestion, and treat constipation.

2. Almonds can quickly supplement nutrients to maintain physical strength.

3. Almonds can relieve cough, strengthen the throat and tracheal function, regulate the lungs, moisturize the lungs, invigorate the lungs, and reduce wind and cold.

4. Almonds can nourish and beautify the skin, moisturize the skin and anti-aging.

5. Almonds can protect the heart and brain blood vessels.



1. Widely used in pharmaceutical field, mainly used to make tablets, capsules, granules, etc., and has benefit on human immunity.

2. Widely used in food field, mainly used to make different beverages and foods.


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