Dried Mango fruit juice powder

Dried Mango fruit juice powder
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Mango is one of the famous tropical fruits. Mango fruit contains sugar, protein, and crude fiber. The carotene, the precursor of vitamin A, contained in mango is particularly high, which is rare among all fruits. Secondly, the vitamin C content is not low. Minerals, proteins, fats, sugars, etc. are also its main nutrients.


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spray-drying or freezed-dried

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Nutrient content

Precursor carotene content of mango fruit contains vitamin A sugar, protein, crude fiber, mango contained particularly high, all fruits rare. Secondly, vitamin C content is not low. Furthermore, minerals, protein, fat, carbohydrates and so on, but also its main nutrients. C56.4-137.5 mg vitamin hectogram pulp, and some can be as high as 189 mg; sugar content of 14 to 16%; seeds containing protein 5.6%; fat 16.1%; Carbohydrates 69.3 %.

Medicinal Value
High nutritional value of mango fruit contains a lot of vitamins, so regular consumption of mango, moisturize the skin can play a role. Vitamin A content of up to 3.8%, according to the taste of the Chinese diet analysis, mango belongs sweet natured Dian thirst-quenching fluid fruit.

(1) mango have stomach Dian Dian antiemetic efficacy of vertigo, Meniere's syndrome for vertigo Dian Dian Dian hypertension, dizziness, nausea and vomiting are effective. Jianshui eating mango pulp or nausea for pregnant women also have a good effect.
(2) mango can lower cholesterol, eat mango have contributed to the prevention of cardiovascular disease, vision benefits, it helps to moisturize the skin, ladies beauty good fruit.
(3) have cured disease mango effectiveness of cough, phlegm, cough Dian Dian asthma embolism auxiliary therapeutic effect.
(4) mango juice can increase gastric motility, stool in the colon shorter residence time, it is very beneficial for the prevention of colon cancer.
(5)contains carotene, can benefit eye Dian moisturizes the skin