Freeze Dried Lychee Fruit Juice Powder

Freeze Dried Lychee Fruit Juice Powder


Specifications:100 Mesh
Appearance: Off-White Fine Powder
Certificate: FDA/ISO/Kosher/Halal

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Lychee powder is off-white fine powder. Freeze dried lychee fruit juice powder can stop hiccups and diarrhea, it is a good food therapy for patients with intractable hiccups and diarrhea. It also has brain fitness, appetizer and spleen, and promotes appetite effect. Because of sexual heat, eating too much is easy to get angry. Lychee powder is widely used in different fields.


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Medicinal value

Lychee powder makes up the heart and soothing effect, can stop hiccup, only diarrhea, who diet quality goods and at the same time there is fitness, appetizers spleen, promotingthe effect of appetite.

Food value

Lychee powder contains a wealth of sugar have to replenish their energy, Shenpi other symptoms; lychee is rich in vitamin C and protein. It is also rich in vitamins, when tiny blood vessels can promote blood circulation and prevent the occurrence of freckles, skin smoother.

The crowd who should eat

Freeze dried lychee fruit juice powder issuitable for people who are in physical weakness, lack of body fluid after the illness, anemia consumption; suitable for the elderly or just before dawn diarrhea spleen diarrhea, stomach pain and eat; also suitable for those who eat bad breath.



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