Defatted Almond Powder


Product Name:Defatted Almond Powder
Appearance:Off-white Fine powder
Specification:80 Mesh
Certificate:FDA/EU Organic/ISO/Kosher/Halal

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Defatted Almond Powder is a kind of nutrient extracted from almonds. Because almonds are rich in a variety of nutrients, Defatted almond powder has good medicinal values, such as antitussive, antiasthmatic, strengthening human immunity, delaying aging, regulating blood lipids, invigorating brain and improving intelligence. Compared with 100ml milk, 100g almonds can provide 598 kcal. Compared with milk, 100g almonds contain 3 times higher calcium, 4 times higher potassium, and 6 times higher phosphorus than milk.


Quick Details


80 Mesh


Off-white Fine powder

Test Method




1. Almonds can relieve coughs, treat tuberculosis, coughs, and lung diseases.

2. Almonds are an important raw material for abrasion ointment for the treatment of skin diseases.

3. Almonds can relieve the surface, help the lungs, moisturize the intestines, and lax.

4. Almonds can promote digestion.


1. Applied in the pharmaceutical field, usually used in the production of various capsules and tablets to invigorate the kidney, strengthen the spleen, and enhance human immunity.

2. Applied in the food field, mainly used in various beverages, wines and foods to enhance human immunity and delay aging.

3. Applied in the cosmetics field, mainly used in various cosmetics, can be used for whitening.



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