Black Goji Berry Powder

Black Goji Berry Powder
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Black Goji Berry Powder is extracted from black goji berry. Black goji berry is often used as a raw material for nutrition and medicine. Black goji berry powder is rich in carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, ascorbic acid, sitosterol, linoleic acid, zeaxanthin, betaine, and other nutrients, which can be fully absorbed by the body. It helps to relieve stress and promote healthy skin. In addition, the black goji fruit powder contains high levels of minerals, trace elements and OPC.


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Food/Cosmetic/Health Care Grade

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1. It increases blood flow and blood vessel elasticity, and reduces thrombosis and blood aggregation.

2. It is antioxidant and anti-aging, and improves eye conditions.

3. It is good for the heart, liver, kidney and other organs.

4. It improves sexual performance.


1. It is used as pharmaceutical raw materials and stuff.

2. It can be used to make capsules or tablets in health care field.

3. In the field of food can be used to make health food additives, drinks, etc.


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