Banana Peel Powder For Skin

Part of Use:Peel
Appearance:Light Yellow Powder
Specification:10:1, 20:1
Shelf Life:2 Years
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Banana peel powder for skin extracted from Banana peel. It is rich in protein, fat, sugar, K, Ca, Mg, S, Fe, Zn and other elements, which can be used as potential resources and raw materials. According to the report, banana peel is also rich in tryptophan, vitamin B6 and serotonin, which can produce a feeling of comfort, satisfaction, happiness, contentment and optimism. And banana peel contains plantain, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, is widely used in health products and cosmetics.

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Quick Details:


10:1, 20:1

Extracted Part


OEM Service


Place of Origin

Shaanxi, China

Test Method


Heavy Metal

≤ 10.0 mg/kg


≤ 2.0 mg/kg


≤ 1.0 mg/kg

Total Bacteria

≤1000 cfu/g


1. Banana peel powder contains plantain, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.

2. Due to the high level of 5-htp (5-hydroxytryptophan) in the turquoise peel, it can be converted into serotonin when boiled. And people eat boiled banana peel, can relieve the melancholy mood.

3. Banana peel can lowers blood pressure.

4. Banana powder for skin also moisturizes the skin and prevents dryness.

5. Research shows that banana peel also has the function of whitening.


1. Can be used as medical and healthy care product, healthy nutrition.

2. Can be used as Infantal food, solid beverage, diary, instant food, puffed food.

3. Can be used as flavouring, middle-aged and old food, baked food, snack food, cool food and drink.



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