Apricot Seed Extract Power

Apricot Seed Extract Power


Extracted part : Seed
Specifications :80 Mesh
Appearance: Off-White fine powder

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Apricot is rich in nutrients protein, fat, carbohydrates, carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin P and calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on. After which the carotene content in mango fruit, people will be referred to as cancer of the almond fruit. Almond oil is rich in fat, cholesterol-lowering effect, therefore, the prevention of cardiovascular disease Apricot have a good effect; Chinese medicine theory holds that the almond has a thirst, lungs and asthma effect, commonly used in asthma Dryness cough and other health care and treatment of patients. Sweet Apricot  as a food, can be used as a substitute flat peach.


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80 Mesh


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1. Bitter Apricot can cough and asthma, laxative, treatable disease, cough and other diseases.
2. Sweet Apricot and dried fruit should eat Apricot daily somewhat moist, lungs have a certain effect.
3. Apricot is also rich in flavonoids and polyphenols composition which not only reduce cholesterol levels in the human body, but also significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and many chronic diseases.
4. Apricot is also a cosmetic effect, can promote skin microcirculation, skin rosy sheen.
5. There are anti-tumor effect of Apricot,anti-tumor effect was mainly due to bitter Apricot  contains a biologically active substance - amygdalin, you can enter the bloodstream designed to kill cancer cells, while no effect on healthy cells, thus improving the patients with advanced cancer symptoms and prolong patient survival. Meanwhile, the rich in carotene, it can antioxidant against free radicals attack cells that have cancer preventive effects.


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