80 Mesh Acerola Cherry Extract

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SOST provide 80 mesh acerola cherry extract. Acerola cherries have the third highest vitamin C content of any plant currently grown. every 100 grams of 1677 mg of vitamin C content in fruit, 31 times that of lemon, strawberry 27 times, kiwi 18 times, is also considered seven times the vitamin C of guava, is one of the worthy of the name "the king of natural vitamin C, also contain vitamin A, B1, B2, the elements such as iron, calcium, vitamin C is an important ingredient of maintaining human life cannot lack, it can prevent A cold, prevent scurvy, improve body resistance, and cancer have A certain work.Acerola cherry has special anti-aging factor (SOD), which can maintain the activity of skin cells and delay the aging of skin.

80 Mesh Acerola Cherry Powder

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80-100 Mesh


Pink Powder


1. 80 mesh acerola cherry extract can prevent Cardiovascular disease.

2. Promote the growth of collagen and skin elasticity.

3. Promote the growth of teeth and bone, prevent bleeding gums.

4. Promote absorption of iron and calcium.

5. Anti oxidation, detoxify and reduce the damage of smoking and drinking.

6. Improve body's immunity.


1. Applied in food additive field.

2. Applied in Pharmaceutical field.

3. Applied in health care product filed.

4. Applied in drink additive.



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