Pea Protein Extract Powder

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Pea Protein Extract Powder


SOST provide Pea Protein Extract Powde. Pea Protein food grade is made from the high-quality non-GMO peas exported from Canada and the USA. The working procedures include separating, homogenizing, sterilizing and spray drying. It’s yellow and fragrant with strong pea taste and has over 75% protein and 18 amino acids & vitamins without cholesterol. It has good gelatinization and water-solubility including dispersibility, stability and dissolution.

According to the different manufacturing process and different protein content. It can be divided by two groups: food grade and feed grade.normally food grade pea protein contents is more than 80%.the protein level between 50% - 80% are basicly for feed grade.

Pea Protein Extract

Part of Use
Specification80%, 85%
AppearanceOff-White Powder


1. Pea Protein Extract Powder can boost immunity.

2. Support a healthy heart.

3. May decrease risk of kidney disease.

4. Increases muscle thickness.

5. Regulates blood sugar.


1. Applied in food addictive field.

2. Applied in health care product field .

3. Applied in pharmaceutical field.