Whitening Tranexamic Acid

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Tranexamic acid has function of hemostasis by reversibly inhibiting the lysine binding site on the plasminogen molecule, plasminogen cannot be converted to plasmin, thereby effectively inhibiting fibrinolysis and producing hemostasis. In addtion, Tranexamic acid can inhibition of melanocyte activity, its' widly used in cosmetic field.

Tranexamic Acid

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1. Tranexamic acid has function of hemostasis, can be applied in surgery to hemostasisa. futhermore ,It can reduce menstrual blood of women.

2. Tranexamic acid can decrease precipitation of melanin, has function of whitening.


1. Menstrual bleeding

Tranexamic acid can suppress the situation of massive bleeding, widely used for surgical hemostasis.

2. Orthopedic Surgery

Tranexamic acid is used in orthopedic surgery to reduce bloodloss. Tranexamic acid is of proven value in clearing the field of surgery and reducing pre- and postoperative blood loss. Drain and number of transfusions are reduced. Tranexamic acid is commonly used in joint replacement surgery.

3. Trauma

Tranexamic acid should be considered for use in bleeding trauma patients.

4. Dentistry

Tranexamic acid is used in dentistry in the form of a 5% mouth rinse after extractions or surgery in patients with prolonged bleeding time, e.g. from acquired or inherited disorders.



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