Rice Bran Extract Ceramide

Rice Bran Extract Ceramide

Appearance: Light Yellow Powder
Specification: 3%, 5%, 10%, 30%
Shelf life: 2 Years
Certificate: EU Organic/FDA/ISO/Kosher/Halal
Stock: In Stock
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Rice bran extract ceramide is a water-soluble lipid substance, which is similar in structure to the material that constitutes the stratum corneum. It can quickly penetrate into the skin and combine with the water in the stratum corneum to form a network structure to lock water. Ceramide can also repair the barrier. When the skin is damaged, skin dehydration increases, and at the same time, calcium and potassium ions are also depleted, and the pH rises, this causes a rapid response of the cells, and the cells release more thin layers of bodies into the intercellular substance. Synthesize more sphingosine to increase the synthesis of ceramide DNA and repair damaged skin.

Rice Bran Extract Ceramide

Quick Details:


3%, 5%, 10%, 30%


Food/Pharmaceutical/Cosmetic Grade


In Stock

Test Method


Heavy Metal



≤2.0 mg/Kg


≤0.1 mg/Kg


≤1.00 mg/Kg


1. Ceramide plays a very important role in maintaining skin barrier function.

2. Ceramide helps repair damaged skin and maintains skin moisture.

3. Anti-aging function.

4. Regulate cell growth changes.

5. Rice bran extract ceramide can treat the skin inflammation.


1. Applied in cosmetic field, as a cosmetic raw material added to skin care products.

2. It is applied in the field of functional food, so that skin cells can get good recovery and regeneration.


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